Snow White and the Atomic Bomb

100 degrees seems to be in our future as we sail into the upper 90’s to near 100 for most of the week ahead. A cold front, in name only, seems to want to ease through on Friday which will at least raise the prospects of rain. Otherwise, it will serve to only lower the temperatures for the weekend into the low to mid 90’s instead of the upper 90’s to near the century mark. Next week looks hot too.
What does an atomic blast and Snow White have in common?
On this date the first atomic bomb was unleashed on Hiroshima, Japan at about 8 am. We all know the history of that. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the atomic blast on Hiroshima and the subsequent dropping of “Little Boy” on Nagasaki is that the world saw what the energy from such a weapon can do. President Truman was a little loose with the facts when he urged Japan to surrender or he promised a “reign of ruin” for the nation. Truth is, the US only had the two bombs and it would have taken awhile to make more. Over the next 30 years, the US and the Soviets and a few others made thousands of atomic weapons all of them stronger, some as much as 1000 times more powerful than the one dropped on August 6, 1945. Yet, they never have been used again thanks in large part to the awesomely devastating and tragic affect that “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” brought on the Japanese Empire. Let us hope that is a lesson never lost on the world.
So, what about Snow White?
On this date in 1955, the real Snow White was born. Walt Disney had come up with his own version eighteen years earlier but the teenager was no match for the little infant. She grew up to be deemed an angel by many, a source of Faith and Hope to others and a wife to me. She gives so much to so many, that I have to remind her that its sometimes good to receive. Her volunteer work at the Cabbage Patch has been consistent and heart felt and the kids give her more love than I could ever muster in a single lifetime. As much as I try, I will never be able to live up to the ideals of a Prince, so her tale includes a partnership with Dopey. But this is not the end of her story but instead a beginning as she celebrates and insists on claiming that she is “52 Years Young.” She won’t let me take her to dinner, preferring instead to go sculling. So if you see Snow White paddling along, talking to the bunny rabbits, deer, turtles, cranes and ducks, wish her a happy birthday today. I truly found a gem.


2 Responses

  1. So if you see Snow White talking to the bunny rabbits, deer, turtles, cranes and ducks from the front of the boat this evening, wish her a happy birthday today.

    Oh, and that funny little in the rear slapping that water like an egg beater? Pay him no mind, that’s just Dopey. Man-o-man, look at the sweat dripping off of him. He keeps that up and he’ll have to turn on the bilge pumps. And ol’ Bob said it wouldn’t rain today.


  2. It’s a scull, not a rowboat. I’ve turned one over but it would be pretty tough to sink one.

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