Boring Here; Tropics More Interesting; Six Flags Hoisted

Our weather continues to be influenced by a big fat area of high pressure. Temperatures will remain hot and rain chances minimal, though there is a chance for some random t’storms this weekend and maybe Tuesday. Tropical Storm Chantal was a waste of time as its already off the board. But, there is a tropical wave on the other side of the Antilles that will be investigated by the Hurricane Hunters. A little system in the NE Gulf of Mexico associated with an old frontal boundary may be up to no good, but most likely in the form of heavy rain for coastal concerns.

On This Date in History: Lots of things happened on this date. In 1966, Charles Whitman took to the top of the University of Texas main building tower and shot a bunch of people. WWI began in 1914. The Sonny and Cher Show Debuted in 1971. In 1953, “Shane, Come Back!” entered the American lexicon as Shane was released. It is said that many actors had to stand in small ditches so Alan Ladd didn’t look so short. I think it was the debut of a young Jack Palance. And in 1943, Lt. John F. Kennedy had his PT-109 torpedoed. Kennedy was credited with helping to save the lives of his crew and his heroism helped launch his political career. Later Cliff Robertson portrayed Kennedy in PT-109 and made a coconut famous. My favorite guy though was Lenny.

But the most interesting thing to me today was that Six Flags Over Texas opened in 1961. It was the first of the Six Flags parks and had the first log rides and mine train rides. It was also the first park to feature a single admission price, which was $2.75 for adults and $2.25 for kids. Previously all parks required payment for each ride. What is more remarkable though is that the guy who came up with the idea, Angus Wynne, Jr. only thought of it as a short term investment. He was an oilman and real estate developer who had other plans for the 212 acre site in Arlington, Texas. He was planning on just using the park to get the land to produce some revenue until he could develop an industrial park. He put up $3.5 million of the $10 million required to start up Six Flags Over Texas. His plans changed when in 18 months he had gotten his money back. Within 10 years, over 17 million people had visited his plan for a quick buck and became the most profitable private tourist attraction in Texas. Seems Ol’ Angus struck oil without even drilling one well.


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  1. Oh Lordy, you and Jay and Kim need to be huffin’ and puffin’ to blow some rain and cooler temps our way or something, up there in that nice air conditioned studio! We’re dyin’ out here on the ground.

    Topped a little tobacco this AM and didn’t have enough spit in my mouth to wet a stick of gum by the time I quit. lol

    Alan Ladd short??? Why, that’s almost unAmerican to say such a thing! Truth be known quite a few of the biggest stars are little fellas.

    Tom cruise had to jump up on a couch to be eye to eye with Oprah.

    Sly Stallone has wider shoulders (almost)than he is tall.

    Micky Rooney and Jimmy Cagney were both slight fellows.

    Dudley Moore, well what can I say, those elf roles fit him perfectly.

    But they all make/made a big impression on the screen.

    On the other end of the same stick:

    A friend of mine’s father used to work on Jimmy Stewart’s ranch as a younger man. He said Stewart’s legs were so long, he had to have custom made saddles to accomadate them.

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