A Great American Turns 100

John Wayne turned 100 today. I would say that “if he were still alive” but through his films, he is still alive and always will be. He’s been dead since 1979 but his name still shows up on the top ten of movie goers favorite movie stars. I believe he is the only deceased star to still be a top-ten star. I have been watching lots of John Wayne movies this weekend. I’ve seen Chisum three times in 24 hours…like I already don’t know all of the lines. Alot of the same guys in that movie were also in Big Jake, including Robert Mitchum’s son.

Anyway, if you don’t want to spend the holiday weekend watching old John Wayne movies, I think he would like it if you just took some time to remember what Memorial Day is all about.

Alot of people gave their lives so that we can have barbecues or watch John Wayne go to the church of our choice or do nothing at all. Sometimes we forget what the holiday is about and its not just the unofficial start of summer and its not just a time to go to the ballgame or concerts.

Weather still looks to be more of the same…if you liked Saturday you will love Sunday and Monday. A frontal boundary may be close enough to conspire with afternoon heating to trigger off an isolated t’storm but that type of thing should be confined to the extreme north and northwestern quarter of the viewing area. At this point, it appears the ridge may break down enough to allow a front late in the week to trigger some much needed general rain fall.

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2 Responses

  1. What movie did this picture come from?

  2. It was so long ago, I have no idea

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