Day Three

Quick update…..this is the “day three” outlook. Still blurry but you can see it better. This will change as the updates come in. Since this is Tuesday, as of this writing it is for Thursday. As I indicated on Monday, I thought perhaps this would come about. Again, its no slam dunk as I bet there will be a lot of clouds to inhibit things a bit…but other stuff is there that may support some activity. The boys at the SPC mention bow echo potential and supercells. Both would go along with my idea of a threat of hail and gusty winds…but the supercell mention always gives rise to the t word. Not a great threat though.


One Response

  1. Mr Symon i have a question for you regarding this severe weather chances. Today in the plains they had a high risk for tornadoes. Do you think that we will also have a chance for a Tornado outbreak? I know sometimes you guys cant say “yes we will” or “no we wont” But i thought i would ask anyways.

    I love the blog, Its a part of my daily visited websites at work and again at home.

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