Worth Watching But Don’t Head For the Basement Just Yet.

Obviously, I need to work on my photo posting skills….but this is the map for Wednesday morning to Thursday morning and is from the Storm Prediction Center. Now, Sunday, they were not overly enthused about severe chances and today they have the big green area that outlines the slight risk for severe weather. Now, have things changed that much? No, 4 days out is too soon to be making proclamations and 3 days out is when they will give a general outlook. If you get a moderate risk two days out, then you know its looking pretty good. I do not believe I have ever seen a high risk for severe storms more than one day out. In any event, if you saw the newscast on Sunday, you know that what we have is a developing subtropical jetstream moving up from the southwest out of Mexico through Texas into the Lower Mississippi Valley. Then there is a big ole storm system getting itself wound up out of the Rockies. Pretty good shot of big storms Tuesday in the NE part of Texas through much of Oklahoma and into Kansas…yes…all part of tornado alley. Here’s the deal for us…that storm system will be at its peak at that time. As it exits into the Mississippi Valley and into the Ohio Valley, it will be on the down side of its lifecycle. So, it will need some help and timing will make a difference. At this point, it is dubious if enough elements would come together for anything rough and tumble Wednesday evening, but we’ll have to see how it shakes out. Right now, I’m not seeing anything from mathematical equations that would suggest anything exciting…but we have a ways to go. Now, Thursday may be of more interest. My at this time is that the biggest risk, if anything does materialize, would be in the form of hail or high winds.

On This Date In History On this date in history, Louisville recorded its highest April temperature of all time. It was 91 degrees and happened 47 years ago in 1960….hmm that doesn’t fit some of today’s headlines….perhaps for a movie maker, that may be a statistic that is not a convenient truth.

Bill Shakespeare died on this date in 1616 and it is said he was also born on this date in 1564…though its not certain because no record exists…but there was a record of his baptism on April 26, 1564 and tradition dictated that baptism occured 3 days after birth.

But thats not the big story…two years ago in Louisville Kentucky a miracle happened. It was a cold and blustery Thunder Over Louisville…and I got married to Cassandra. Truly a finer angel has never graced the earth before and never will again. I am certainly blessed to have the opportunity to be rescued from goofdom…though I am told I am a work in progress.


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