Follow Up…Do You Trust This Man?

This is a follow up to yesterday’s ponderings….the man you see above is Dr. William Gray. He is the man that everyone runs to each year for hurricane forecasts. From links you find below, you will see that Dr. Gray is no fan of Al Gore or the notion that man is causing globabl warming. That is fine. But, one article from 2006 says that after Gray started refuting global warming claims, his funding was cut off by the government.’s the deal. Either you believe this man and hold him up as an expert or you think he’s a loon and dismiss him. I don’t see how you can have it both ways. I find it wholly inconsistent and disingenous for people to hold him up as an authority for hurricanes and then dismiss his thoughts on global warming being caused by naturally altering global ocean currents and not man’s activities. Either he is credible or he isn’t. Here are the links:

This Date in History: For me, Everything on this date is eclipsed by a single event on April 16, 1962. In New Orleans, LA a child was born. His lungs were collapsed and they thought he would die. His grandmother prayed for the child to live. The child struggled for survivial but he eventually recovered and his other grandmother urged his name to be Sandy to reflect the color of his hair. But, instead, the boy was named for the most influential and greatest man of his life; He was named for his father. Thus the world, for better or worse, received Robert B. Symon, Jr.

I can tell you now, 45 years later, the hair is sorta a sandy, reddish color and tends to fall out before it turns grey.


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