SPRING HAS SPRUNG…But what time is it?

This is the first day of spring. It started Tuesday night just after 8pm. Spring starts on the equinox, which is when the sun is supposedly directly over the equator which is supposed to mean that the earth gets equal sunshine all over, i.e. everywhere is 12 hours daylight and 12 hours night time. But, the day in which Louisville had exactly 12 hours of each was on this past weekend. Go and Figure that one out.

How about this for a question. This year 104 NCAA teams had 20 or more wins. Thats a record. Does that mean there are a bunch of good teams or several crummy teams that everyone else pads their records on.

Speaking of the tournament….there is, or was, a traditional bracket in Staten Island, NY. It started several years ago with a total pot of $800. Well, like a Otto the goldfish, it got bigger and bigger. Recently, the pot grew to a million dollars. Well, the big tradition is over. It seems that a recent big money winner was an honest John and reported his winnings to the IRS.

KELSEY’S PICNIC My wife, Cassie, had a wonderful black lab named Kelsey. Really incredible dog. Not only did she comfort Cassie in bad times (like bad weather while I’m at the station) but also this hunting dog was a friend to other animals. Cassie had trained her to be nice to animals and she used to go up to rabbits, who incredibly would just sit there and not run, and nudge them with her nose. Well, after nearly 15 years wandering this earth, Kelsaroo went to doggie heaven last year so Cassie is hosting her first Kelsey’s picnic at Dog Hill from 5pm to 7pm . She plans on holding it annually each first day of spring. She will be working to increase awareness of pet adoption and to raise money for the Animal Care Society, which is a no-kill agency that finds homes for orphaned animals. Stop by and see Cassie. I’ll be there too but my fat cats will not….they don’t like dogs too much, nor do they do well on leashes. Kim Stevens may bring her boys, Herbie and Henry, who were adopted from the Animal Care Society.

And what a time for a spring fling for Keslaroo….temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70’s and that trend will continue. And you know what…I really don’t see any big severe weather threats anywhere down the road. Pretty boring weather but that is good….unless you want action. Be patient and be aware, we’re just getting started. In the meantime just soak it up and enjoy the first part of the spring.

Went to the St. Mary’s of the Knobs School in Floyd’s Knobs. Great kids. They have a tornado plan at school and I told them to get one for their home as well..you should too.



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