Bryan The Webhog Comes Through!

Bryan the Webhog claims he has set this up and as the benevolent dictator, I am accepting his word and I thank him for his efforts as well as those of Sally Albers. I appreciate the positive responses we’ve had but now we can dispense with the suggestions on how to make these here pages more “user friendly.”

I’m trying to get my taxes into my accountant, but we have some pretty good showers moving in and some thunder rumblers embedded. Nothing that appears too menacing but we never leave the weather center unstaffed when there is any remote possibility of something being up to no good. In this case, I seriously doubt it.

I don’t know how many of you have office basketball brakets but one thing I ‘ve noticed over the years is that the “experts” never win. Its usually a quiet person that no one even knew worked for the firm or someone’s 7 year-old child. Remember this, sports fans, the Aggies lost not once, but twice to Texas Tech. Bob Knight did not have that strong of a team so that means the Aggies have some holes. I bet Calipari finds them. If not, the Buckeyes will stop this nonsense from going too far.

This Date in History Here are three items that show how goofy this time of year can be.

In 1924, 11 inches of snow fell in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma.
In 1948, an F4 tornado swept through Fosterburg, Bunker Hill, and Gillespie, Illinois, killing 33 people and injuring 449.
In 1984, 10 to 20 inches of snow fell across parts of Kansas andNebraska.

So we have nearly a foot of snow in the southern plains, pushing toward 2 feet of snow in the central plains and in between, a big tornado in Illinois. All on March 19. March seems to be so extreme.

The press is all over this being the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Lots of American sorties were flown that day. But no one seems to be interested that on this same date in 1916, the very first sorties were flown by American aircraft. No, it wasn’t in WWI in Europe. The US was still officially neutral at that time. Curtiss “Jenny” aircraft flew into Mexico! That’s right, General John J. Pershing sent combat aircraft into Mexico to scout for the whereabouts of Pancho Villa. They never found him and after 11 months, the Americans gave up because they had bigger fish to fry as in the Axis powers in Europe. The flying missions of the Army Air Corps over Mexico proved to be valuable air time for those who would serve in Europe.

Oh, one other thing….ever wonder why in The Godfather you never hear the term “mafia” or “cosa nostra?” Its because on this date in 1971, the Italian American Civil Rights League convince the producers not to use the term as they thought it increased the perception that all Italian Americans were gangsters. Guess they were impressed with the power of words. They weren’t concerned with the action portrayed on the screen…just don’t call them that name!


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